Disney Logo History

Disney Logo History

A logo is the most crucial part of any business identification. While it wasn't a very common business identification feature for small businesses in history, logos have become a prominent part of today's business setup. Whether it's a small business or a large-scale enterprise, all of them need a logo to make a name and mark of their own in the industry. 

In this list of businesses, Disney has also been a popular name in the music and entertainment industry for years. Since the beginning of Walt Disney Production in 1929, the company has achieved plenty of successes with various popular TV shows and movies.

With such huge milestones of success, Disney Channel has also encountered various changes in its logo. With each of the logo update, Disney has come up with a more advanced animation outlook that has made its trademark more impressive. For a clearer idea, let's go ahead and explore more about the Disney logo history and the improvements it encountered over time.

The History of Disney and Its Logo

In 1929, Walk Disney created the production studios after his name, Walt Disney. However, Disney's struggle before this production house came into being isn't any less of a motivating journey. While Walk Disney was a talented artist, his contribution in various productions ended up being a cause of loss for him every time – before he became a successful businessman with Walk Disney. 

While his first animated cartoon made Disney bankrupt with only 20$ in his pocket, he struggled to continue with new animated cartoon ideas. The other time, Disney's hit animated cartoon, which was started with his brother's help, namely Alice and Oswald the Rabbit, both were a great hit but couldn't remain under Disney's ownership as he lost the legal copyright to the characters. Due to this reason, Disney lost this contract in the year 1928.

After this rocky beginning, Disney later focused on a new animated cartoon called 'Steamboat Willie,' which featured a mouse was another huge hit. This time, the mouse concept, which was later going to be named Mickey Mouse, helped Disney witness a new success level. With this cartoon's success, Disney was able to successfully create the Walt Disney Productions in 1929. 

Over time, since Walt Disney Productions was formed, the production house successfully introduced many successful cartoons and movies. Walt Disney Productions launched its theme parks in Disneyland and Disneyworld with all these successful entertainment shows and movies. Both these theme parks are known to be the largest ones in the entire world.

Considering this, Disney's idea was to portray a similar look for the identity of Disney Productions and its theme park. Therefore, each of Disney's logos was also embarked on its theme park entrance to look extremely similar. Moreover, these Disney logos were also supposed to be the animation on every Disney movie's beginning. 

Due to these reasons, every time the Disney logo changed, it portrayed advancement in the graphics and animation. Additionally, as we have seen in almost every Disney’s logo, the Sleeping Beauty Castle is also a part of its logo. The Sleeping Beauty Castle and Magic Kingdom's Cinderella Castle is now a crucial part of Disney's logo. 

So while we have seen plenty of changes and advancement in every new update of Disney's logo, the animated castle behind the logo has remained constant. 

The Initial Years of Disney Logo Designing

Since the beginning of Walt Disney, it has experienced various changes in its logo. However, one thing that remained constant throughout the graphics and animation advancements in the Disney logo was focused on using state-of-the-art graphics every time.

Besides, when it's a logo for music and entertainment industry business that has achieved humungous success in creating animated dreams feels like reality – it was obvious that its logos had to give the same feel as the vibes given by Disney movies and shows. For a clearer idea, let's go ahead and explore the details in each of the hanged Disney logos.


The very first Disney logo was introduced in 1937, and it featured the name of the founder. This name was written in a uniquely creative script and had an artistic design. Even though this logo gave an attractive look, the letter 't' in the word 'Walt' was the only problem here – since it looked more like 'y'. Apart from that, the logo incorporated a lighter shade of black for the whole lettering. 

                                                                     Disney Logo 1937


Afterwards, the change in the previous logo encountered a different letter font. While this time the font made the lettering more readable, its contrast with dark black colour made the logo look a bit legible. Altogether, it wasn't a bad one since it did portray a stylish and innovative look overall.

                                                                    Disney Logo 1948


In the next version of Disney logo designing, the designers re-created the original logo's style. However, the only change was a bit of update in this style. It had more volume to the lettering and a darker black shade overall. Additionally, this version of the logo had 'Productions' written in a simple sans serif font.

                                                                      Disney Logo 1972


Another logo designing version for Disney was introduced in 1983. In this version, the lettering of Walt Disney remained the same. However, the 'Productions' part changed and was replaced with 'Pictures.' This addition of Pictures was designed in a serif font, with a bit larger letter. 

                                                                  Disney Logo 1983


The later version of the Disney logo debuted Cinderella's castle in its design. In this 1985 logo, the castle design was incorporated above the 'Walt Disney' lettering. While the lettering font, colour, and overall design remained the same in this logo, the word 'Pictures' was changed. This time, 'Pictures' had slightly larger letters written in a serif font.

                                                               Disney Logo 1985


The 2006 version of Disney’s logo focused more on Cinderella's Castle. This time, the castle was given a more detailed and refined look with glowing tower rooms. Moreover, the company 'Walt Disney Pictures' label was also given a smaller size in this logo version. 

                                                              Disney Logo 2006


Disney's logo designing version of 2011 was quite similar to the 2006 version. Like the previous version, this one also had the same Cinderella's Castle design in black. The only difference here was that 'Walt Disney Pictures' was changed into 'Disney,' where it remained in the same font as the previous logo.

                                                            Disney Logo 2011


After the last change in the Disney logo, another final update was added in this logo. This logo had a similar design and text as the 2006 version. However, what changed this time was the colour set. In this final version used to date, Cinderella's Castle was given a light blue colour that made the castle look more appealing.

The text 'Walt Disney Pictures' has the same font in the present logo version, just with a shade of grey instead of black. Moreover, the 'Pictures' text is written in the same line with other text and has a lesser volume than the 2006 version. All in all, this final version of Disney's trademark logo was given a more 3d look, and so, it is the best logo version that portrays Disney in the best way possible!


All in all, we can say that Disney focused on improving its logo's animation and graphics to make the business live up to its expectations for the viewers. 

However, that was just the struggle business had to encounter due to the limited logo designing technologies available. Yet, if we talk about reliable logo designing firms like Logozila today. It is now possible to give your business the first and final look that uses modern designing tools and techniques.

So what's making you wait? Go ahead and choose the best package for your business according to a reasonable logo designing cost. It's time you level up your business game too!


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