Fanta Logo History

Fanta Logo History

Fanta is a delicious orange beverage from the Coca-Cola company. A tangy orangey drink, now available in different flavors such as cherry, mixed berry, green apple, and even Pina Colada flavors. Just like the flavors, the cheerful logo that we see today has seen some evolution. The modern, popping, bright logo that we see on every Fanta bottle today wasn't always like this. Several different designs have changed over the past few years, and each one has brought more value to this tangy soft drink. Let's discuss the changes in the Fanta logo that the company has introduced over the years.

Fanta Logo History 1940 to 1962

Everything, including this logo, was plain in the 40s. The Fanta logo at that time was simply the word "Fanta" in lowercase bold letters. The letter F had a long tail that curved on end. Such a font was a symbol of modernism at that time. 

Fanta Logo 1940 to 1962

Fanta Logo History 1962 to 1970

With changes in trends came a shift in the Fanta logo. The company redesigned and launched a single color light blue logo with white text in sans serif font. The letters were enclosed in a blue rectangle that had a smile-like arch on the top.

Fanta Logo History 1962 to 1970

Fanta Logo History 1970 to 1980

The logo was redesigned entirely in 1970 - they introduced a brand new font and a completely different color scheme. The sharp-edged font was transformed into more soft-angled letters. The color was changed to black with three orange spheres on top of N. The orange color was introduced to represent the prominent flavor of the drink - orange.

Fanta Logo History 1970 to 1980

Fanta Logo History 1980 to 1995

Everything was bold and beautiful in the 80s. So the logo design team of Fanta decided to go with the flow. They introduced a brand new logo featuring Fanta in dark blue with the same orange spheres but with a bright green leaf next to them. Also, instead of going in all capitals, they decided to keep it title case.

Fanta Logo History 1980 to 1995

Fanta Logo History 1995 to 1997

More abstract ideas were introduced in 95. They replaced the orange spheres and green leaf with one abstract orange leaf. The marketing team sought out a brand new adventure adding more creativity, uniqueness, and growth in their ideas.

Fanta Logo1995 to 1997

Fanta Logo History 1997 to 2008

While Briteny rose to fame, the team Fanta decided to keep up with the trend as well. The latest Fanta logo was introduced in the same blue color but with a completely different font. All the different details, like an abstract leaf, were removed from the logo. Uneven artistic letters spoke volumes about the trends of the early 2000s. We can just picture people in the streets, wearing bell-bottoms with bottles of orangey deliciousness in their hands.

Fanta Logo 1997 to 2008

Fanta Logo History 1997 to 2004

The same logo was positioned a bit differently with a different change in the shade of blue. A vivid orange color was introduced in the background to represent the orange flavor of the drink. The leaf is coming out of the letter N in a bright green color.

Fanta Logo 1997 to 2004

Fanta Logo History 2001 to 2006

This version is not much different from the previous one except that they added an outline to the logo that complimented the bright orange background.

Fanta Logo 2001 to 2006

Fanta Logo History 2004 to 2009

In 2004, the logo was made much simpler by removing the wordmark. The emblem was positioned diagonally, and it consisted of a green leaf with a blue outline. Blue was a bit brighter but from the same palette.

Fanta Logo 2004 to 2009

Fanta Logo History 2008 to 2010

In 2008, and even more playful font was introduced. The angles were much more soft and bubbly. A detailed leaf was inclined towards the left that came out from T.

Fanta Logo 2008 to 2010

Fanta Logo History 2010 to 2016

The text was enlarged in 2008, but the orange circle shrank. The new logo was modern and vibrant, and it was instantly identifiable throughout the globe.

Fanta Logo 2010 to 2016

Fanta Logo History 2016 to Present

The new Fanta logo was designed in a unique style. First, the logo designers from Koto, located in the United Kingdom cut components from paper and organized them the way we see them now. The vector logo was then created.

Fanta Logo 2016 to Present

The brand's current style, which was launched in 2016, is brighter and more colorful than previously. It is more following young viewers' expectations: contemporary, decisive, and full of fun. This is precisely what young people aspire to like.


Fanta is one of the few brands that have changed their logo constantly. One thing that their logo designing team focused a lot on was to get the name out. Even the most professional logo designing companies emphasize getting the name out. The constant change has allowed them to stay in the market, but using the name in the logo has allowed them to gain recognition. 


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