Just Eat Logo Hisotry

Just Eat Logo Hisotry


Companies entirely focused on delivering food at your doorstep with an exceptional number of restaurants have to be the best thing in the 21st century. Although the idea of food delivery is old but finding new eateries at the tips of your finger is exciting and continuously modifying. 

Today known as the top British food delivery service "JUST EAT" has its origins in Denmark. The service was initially an idea of five danish entrepreneurs including Jesper Buch. The company was officially founded in 2000 and the services were launched by august 2001. 

In 2005 a technology entrepreneur Bo Bendtsen (co-founder) bought all the founders' shares except for Jesper Buch and moved the company operations to the UK. Soon the company started expanding itself to the Netherlands, Ireland and as far as India.

Just Eat started as a British food delivery company and today has expanded as a global chain, present in 24 countries including the European side, North America and Asian countries.

Throughout the years Just Eat has partnered with several giants such as Starship Technologies to pilot delivery robots, Amazon and Apple TV to build exceptional customer experience. 

Similarly, the Just Eat logo has gone through several changes since 2001 however, the recent change has been optimistically recognized and loved across the countries. 

The existing logo was designed to market better the local restaurants as well as independent dealers amidst the pandemic and crushing economy. 

In 2020 the most favoured food delivery service Just Eat aligned with a new global group and emerged even further with a new identity. 

Just Eat and Takeaway.com, the food giants merged at the beginning of 2020. Just Eat is now included as one of the World's biggest food delivery companies that have partnered with 2600 local restaurants in Ireland offering a range of 40 different cuisines, you can order from breakfast, lunch and dinner. 


Logo Redesigning to Become Memorable and Recognizable

Just Eat is relatively a new racer in the competition but has continuously experimented with insignias, fusing different styles, signatures and colours. However, there is one thing that didn't change over the twenty years was the striking red colour. 

So, how has the company been redesigned over the years? Here is the history.

 Just Eat Logo


The Introduction of Just Eat Logo in 2001

The first logo was targeted portraying passion as well happiness. Well, these emotions are truly what we associate with food. 

Just Eat came into the market with a bold bright identity. The company's wordmark was executed with soft lines in a custom san serif typeface. Each letter ending in a wordmark had rounded angles and straight cuts. The wordmark was further divided to be one part in red colour with a wide outline in yellow. 

The 2001 logo, was the only time when a hyphen ( - ) was used to separate the two words in the wordmark Just - Eat. The first logo lasted ten years from 2001- 2011.

Just Eact Logo 2011

The Sleeker and Modern Just Eat Logo 2011

Companies that understand when to redesign the logo to strike out the audience even better are always at the top of the marketing game. After ten years in 2011, Just Eat redesigned its logo to look sleeker and modern.  

In the new version, the designers decided on an all letters capitalized typeface with a cleaner representation. The new version's inscription was white with a bold outline in red. 

The new logo presented better pictures of professionalism and authenticity. The cleaner typeface was now easier to read and memorize. 

The main detail portraying their services in the 2011 version was the mouse arrow infused replacing the triangle of the alphabet "A".

Just Eat Logo 2014


The Retouch in 2014

Every enthusiastic designer is well aware, how subtle changes can make a huge difference. In 2014 the logo received a minor retouch as the capitalized letters were spaced a bit further while enlarging the arrow (mouse) for better distinction. 

Another change was that the white typeface was placed in a horizontal red rectangle with rounded corners instead of an outlined typeface. 

Just Eat Logo 2016


Subtle Yet Powerful Changes in 2016

The 2016 redesign was simplified but it made the visual identity stronger, in 2016 everything was removed and the company was represented with only a bright italicized red wordmark.

Just Eat Logo 2016

The Revamp in 2020

2020 revamp had a new motive. The existing version was designed to announce the merge of Just Eat and takeaway com. The two giants' merger happened amidst the pandemic to increase the reach of local and dependent restaurants for the customers. The quick home delivery system required to be recognised among the masses. 

In the new version, the word mark remained the same but the original insignia was changed to an orange house silhouette appearing to the left of the logo. A vertically oriented fork and knife in white were over the silhouette. The wordmark has a modified version of Jano Round Bold Italic with a custom "J". 

Although the logo was revamped but not redesigned. The orange silhouette belongs to takeaway com and was merged with the Just Eat wordmark.

Just Eat Logo 2020



Points to Take from The Article

Today, Just Eat Market's partnership with restaurants is beyond imagination. Let alone in brazil, the company is partnered with 116,000 restaurants according to an update in 2019. 

The company acts in three markets and per year around 593 million orders are placed through Just Eat with an annual venue of 779.5 million pounds. 

When it comes to the logo, the company has been adoring the minimalistic approach since the start. The logo created is to imply a simple message portraying food at home. 

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