Spotify Logo Designing Strategy As The Biggest Music Streamer

Spotify Logo Designing Strategy As The Biggest Music Streamer


Spotify is one of the platforms that has experienced enormous progress, growth and success in just a few years. The company that is valued at over $16 billion was first introduced as a music streaming app in 2006. Today, Spotify is known as a music, podcast and video streaming company with more than 170 million users every month. 

Spotify offers its audience a bunch of features and thousands of artists. Currently, Spotify is the fastest approach to newly released music after YouTube. 


Spotify Approach to Redesigning the Logo

Spotify was introduced in the market about 13 years ago and between 2008 to 2015 it went through two major resigns. 


The Playful 2008 Emblem

The first Spotify logo featured a solid yet light green square badge. The team decided on playful lettering at the bottom side. The inscription overall has a white outline serif typeface with letters uneven placement. Over the letter, O were placed three arched lines of different lengths and thickness to present the sound. The concept behind the uneven letter placement was to portray a joyful and happy vibe when it comes to your favourite music app.

The Playful 2008 Emblem


The Modern Touch 2013 Emblem

The 2013 emblem got popular for its concise and clean design. This time the designers placed a circular emblem on the left and beside it placed the solid black logotype. You can see the inscription in the smooth modern sans’ serif typeface with additional thick round lines but straight cuts. The emblem on the other hand had the same three white arched lines, however, the arches were a bit thicker and placed inside a solid and brighter green circle emblem. 


The 2013 emblem looked modern, sophisticated, business-oriented but accessible. An emblem that could easily vibe with all genres of music as well several categories of broadcast. 


The Modern Touch 2013 Emblem


The Evergreen 2015 Logo

In 2015 the company asked designers for certain minor changes again in the appearance. The existing (2015- today) Spotify emblem is a bright green emblem with the three white arches inside the circle. The visible difference is that from the arches to the typeface everything is enlarged. The enlarged emblem gave it clarity and a more vivid and friendlier look. The existing emblem was designed by NYC based design agency Collins.

You will often see the Spotify emblem in three colours, black, green and white. Black and green colours palette are used to portray the business vibe and white is used as a contrasting tool. 

The Evergreen 2015 Logo


Some Facts About Spotify As a Company

Ø  The Spotify logo was originally designed by Swedish designer Andreas Holmström.

Ø  The feature "Spotify Wrapped" reveals the complete listening habits that you had throughout the years. The statistical round update tells you about the genre you have listened to most as well as the time you spent on the platform. 
Ø  Anyone can buy Spotify stocks, and many claims it is a good investment with the growing interest in music and podcasts. In 2020 May the Spotify stocks were at a purchase value of $150 per buy and gradually increased in the first quarter of the year. Spotify’s market share accounted for 36% of music-streaming subscriptions at the end of 2019.
Ø  You can apply for an internship at Spotify between late September to early October. Spotify internship is eligible for university students including types such as summer, thesis, academic, and co-op. 
Ø  Spotify has over five times more monthly users than apple music. Apple Music gets around 60 million monthly active users, becoming its closest competitor.


Important points to take from the Spotify Logo

Statistically speaking, about 75% of the millennials prefer meaning over anything else. When it comes to music, the internet has only made the connection between music and listener stronger. With online access to several artist albums and discovering new voices, all Spotify had to do was create a symbol that would attract the audience to connect with melodies even more conveniently. 

Spotify redesigning strategy was based on a clever technique. The brighter, acid colour palette is something that makes the app recognizable and stands out among competitors. 

In the logo colour palette is something that audiences associate with rather than the name or the emblem itself.

The lighter to the darker tone of colour shade does make a difference. You can see how the solid green in the logo supported the playful logotype and the overall image. 

Throughout the redesigning, the company approach was simplicity, minimalism and clarity.

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