Beginning till End The Wonder Woman Emblem History

Beginning till End The Wonder Woman Emblem History

The chic styled letter W has a powerful recognition globally, especially among the comic and marvel enthusiastic. The styled double W has been symbolizing wonder woman for a decade now. The “WW” is one of the most famous symbols in the superhero club standing among batman's bat and the bright red S of superman.

The Wonder Woman character dates all the way to 1941 when it first appeared on the cover of the sensational comic. In the initial series, the character represented Diana, an Amazonian princess with an eagle as the identity symbol.

The genius mind behind the wonder woman emblem is psychologist William Marston who wanted to create a new type of women image that embodied power and strength. His idea behind the character was that such women who are kind, intelligent and fight against injustice must rule the world. With such a generous perspective, Wonder Woman became one of the most iconic characters in pop culture.

Ever Wanderlust About the Iconic Superwoman Emblem?

Throughout the comic series and television adaption, Diana's appearance was changed in multiple attempts to secure a better audience with relevancy. Over the years the logo has been slightly modernized into a more powerful one image. So here is the road map of history!

                                                              Wonder Woman Logo

Wondrous 1941 - 1982 Emblem

The first emblem was designed in 1941 and featured a smooth and elegant eagle badge assembled in art deco style. The golden yellow eagle with wings widespread was placed vertically on the solid red background. Another sophisticated detail were the arched and rounded wings outlined with thin black lines and also added to the inner body.  

                                                     Wonder Woman Logo 1941 - 1982

Sensational 1982 - 2006 Emblem

Achieving tremendous success, on the 40th birthday of wonder woman, Milton Glaser created a new emblem. The author of the "I Heart  New York" logo had simple but amazing solutions in mind.

He decided to add elegance in the logo to connect with the elegant woman, princess Diana. The graphic designer turned the open wings of eagles into the double W W of wonder woman. it was simple yet powerful. The W was placed over one and another with wings spread to the sides. The white stylized emblem with black borders gave open space for different colour palettes. Through these years the common colour used in the emblem was black, white and yellow only, staying connected with the original theme of a golden yellow eagle.

Despite the drastic changes the emblem was still recognizable and connected to the main appearance. the colour of the logo remained yellow but a new font was introduced. The winked W's was an attempt to disassociate the symbol with the American flag as she was the princess of Amazon.

                                                                Wonder WOman 1982 - 2006 Logo

Spectacle 2006 - 2011 Emblem

In 2006, the 1984 logo was reincarnated into a more modernized and bold version with an identical colour palette. In the 2006 version, the double W presenting the wings gained a bird's head with prominent lines indicating a beak. The prominent lines helped indicate the eagle better which has been part of the original Diana costume. The new logo overall had sharp lines with thick black lines outing the inner and outer structure of the bird. The red in the colour palette was more on the intense darker side while the yellow stayed brighter. The intense colour of the 2006 emblem presented a more modern and bolder image reflecting the character.

An excellent example of how simple colours can change visualization.

                                                                 WOnder Woman Logo 2006 - 2011

Phenomenon 2011 - 2016 Emblem

As the comic wonder woman grew in popularity, it was soon announced to be a video adaption as well to cater to the wishes of a wider audience.  For five years between 2011 -2016 another wonder super logo was used other than the traditional one. The wonder woman in television wore a light gold badge outlined with brownish-black lines. The emblem over shape was edgy and magnificent with slightly arched lines of the wings.

Most of the audience had this opinion that it was more feminine and yet evokes a sense of strength and danger. It was truly loved throughout the adaptation.

                                                                Wonder Wonman Logo 2011 - 2016

Wonderment 2016 - Today Emblem

By 2016, the entertainment industry experienced a lot of modification in the theatrical presentation of comic heroes. Similarly, in 2016 a three-dimensional badge was introduced as a wonder woman logo. This version gave sharp straight lines in the dark gold shade. Keeping aligned the older versions compositions the doubles W were presented as wings widespread and with the addition of the bird's beak, the execution of this design was perceived as more powerful, serious and authoritative.

                                                           Wonder Woman Logo 2016

Did You Know?

        As perceived by the majority of the fans, Diana is not an American superheroine. Originally in the story plot, the character is a princess from the Amazonian island of Themyscira with roots all the way back to Greek mythology.


        In comic issue #178, Diana (wonder woman) was stripped of her powers and the famous American flag-inspired costume. The attempt was made by artist Mike Sekowsky to draw more female readers. He believed that a superheroine in the real world would be more relevant to the audience reacting to the current affairs. The new concept did not resonate with the fans and the 1973 issue revolved around the original theme and custom.


        To promote the same strength such as that of wonder woman in real life, a wonder woman foundation was established by Koryne Horbal, the former Us president of the united nations commission on the status of women. Among numerous services, the most well-appreciated was the successful wonder woman awards, which granted money to inspiring women over the age of 40. The money helped several women continue their influential work.


What Did We Learn?

You can judge the power of the logo when throughout the drastic change of wonder woman from ancient Greek myths to modern times to being inspired by the contradictory ideas it never lost its visual interpretation. Wonder women have always been relevant to their colour palette and basic elements standing a solid ground of identity.


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